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Clear Roll Laminating Film

Laminating Pouches

Our pouches are pre-cut in a variety of sizes. They are open on three sides and sealed on one. Simply insert your document into the pouch, place the pouch in a carrier and run it through the laminator. We use the best polyester/adhesive composition in our pouches to assure high quality and clear lamination.

Pouches are an easy way to laminate menus, covers, maps, certificates, drawings, newspaper articles, charts, diplomas, ID cards, licenses, membership cards, etc. The list is endless.

Requires use of Pouch Laminating Machines.
View our Laminating Accessories (clips, straps, neckchains, etc).



Roll Size (thickness):  


Core Size: The various models of roll laminators use lamination film with different core thickness. The core is the hole that runs through the roll of lamination film. The roll holders on the roll laminator is what is inserted into the core of the film. Since brands and models vary in technical specifications, please check with our laminating specialists before purchasing film that will utilize core adapters.

Width: Since roll laminators and wide format printers vary in widths, so does roll laminating film. Please check the model of your laminator to ensure the width of the roll laminating film does not exceed the machine specifications.

Mil Thickness: Some laminators can only use lamination film up to a certain thickness. The thickness of roll laminating film is known as the mil thickness (thousandths of an inch). The higher the mil number, the thicker the film.

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